Warranty Policy

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Warranty period starts from the purchase date.
All products have 1-year warranty starts from the date of purchase as indicated in the invoice, except protective case/screen.

Within the 12 months since purchasing, if there is loss or damage on the products under normal circumstances proved by our technicians, free repairing service will be provided.

Regarding maintenance support, customers can either come to Customer Service Center for product examination or return products via courier/ mail. If customers decide to come to our Customer Service Center directly, please be reminded to bring along the purchase invoice with you. KOLUMAN will help repair or replace necessary products for you. If customers choose to return or receive products via courier/ mail, the logistics charge will be borne by the customers.

If you wish to claim within warranty period, you have to provide the followings:

    a) Product (or affected parts);
   b) Original purchase receipt which is unmodified. The documents should clearly indicate the name of the seller, the purchase date, the product type or the serial number. If documents cannot be provided, the repairing service may be rejected or maintenance fee may be charged.

This limited warranty does not cover the following circumstances:

    1.This limited warranty does not apply to any third party hardware, software, settings, content, data or links, regardless of whether the third-party hardware, software, configuration, content, data or links is included in the product or how it obtains. Under legal regulation, KOLUMAN does not guarantee that other third party hardware or software products are error free or perfectly fit with KOLUMAN products.

    2.This limited warranty does not apply to:

        a) Normal wear and tear
        b) Transport costs generated by product return
        c) Damages caused by careless operation
        d) Damages caused by improper use such as not following KOLUMAN product manual instruction
        e) Product which has been damaged through misuse, malicious acts, negligence, inflow of any liquid
       f) Losses or damages on products which are caused by force majeure or natural disasters.
       g) Activities beyond KOLUMAN’s reasonable control

    3.The limited warranty is ineffective when the product is certified to be ever opened, modified or repaired by any third party. Also, if the product serial number, manufacture date or IMEI/ESN is ever modified or not recognizable, KOLUMAN may not be responsible for the warranty.

    4.The limited warranty is not applicable if the product has been exposed to water vapor, moisture, or extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. In addition, the warranty is not applicable if the products are damaged by corrosion, oxidation, food/ liquid splashes or chemicals.

Other important statements:

All exchanged parts and products replaced under warranty service will become the property of KOLUMAN.
If the products are found to be outside the warranty period, KOLUMAN Customer Service Center may retain the right to charge relevant fees back.
You are responsible for the backup of your personal data. KOLUMAN will not be responsible for any data loss or damage caused by maintenance except for legal requirements.