Koluman K6 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone with bass Audio and MFB Button for Turning on/Off and Volume

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

  • Wide, multiplatform compatibility: This wireless headphone fits all 3.5 m.m audio devices: Works well with all mobile phones, iPhone and Android systems. gaming consoles, PlayStation 4, New Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Switch, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Computer, Mobile Phone. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth system that can flexibly connect with all types of devices.

  • Professional extreme bass audio: Super sound system provides you with a very powerful bass-driven sound and advanced audio technique. Sound quality gives an enjoyable experience of listening to music, working out, and having real and gaming experiences. It allows you to track the direction of the sounds like footsteps, gunshots, sound effects and scenario indicators while playing games. Noise-cancelling and high definition system also filters the most of environmental or background sounds.

  • Round-shaped MFB buttons: Round-shaped MFB button and noise-cancellation button allow you to easily increase and decrease the volume, change to previous and next tracks, play, pause the track, answer phone calls, etc; without having trouble looking or working with the connected device again. Suitable when working out, running, or being busy doing your various activities and works.

  • Soft, comfy, skin friendly leather ear pads and lightweight ergonomic design: Comfortable ear pads can gently cover and fit your ears even after a long time of listening to music, playing game, or speaking, without fatigue. This durable headphone is lightweight and portable which warmly sits on your ears, and allows you to carry it easily where ever; in your suitcase, around your neck, in your hands, etc. It is also designed ergonomically, and never hurts your ears or head.

  • Assured quality: This headphone is made of plastic and metal. Rarely does it get broken, cracked or crashed. As a result, you can easily use and carry it everywhere with no worry.